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  • Claims Licensing Advancement for Interstate Matters (CLAIM) Act
    H.R. 2998
    Introduced in House by Rep. Stephen Fincher!


The American Association of Independent Claims Professionals' (AAICP) members play a crucial role during times of loss by providing independent claim valuation and timely claim resolution to consumers. AAICP member representatives are typically among the "first responders" for individuals and businesses responding to events ranging from general disasters such as hurricanes, forest fires, flooding and acts of terrorism to the handling of routine workers’ compensation claims. AAICP member organizations also assist tens of thousands of individuals and businesses with recovery from property losses, liability disputes, and work-related injuries and disabilities. LEARN MORE


AAICP's principal legislative priority is the enactment of federal legislation to achieve uniform and reciprocal state adjuster licensing. The Claims Licensing Advancement for Interstate Matters (CLAIM) Act, H.R. 2998, will achieve that goal. At present, independent claims adjusters have to navigate conflicting and duplicative state licensing requirements in the 34 states they choose to license adjusters. The system does not effectively regulate adjusters, but instead creates inefficiencies and avoidable costs that end up being paid by consumers. The CLAIM Act advances uniformity, reciprocity, and consumer protections for claims adjusting across state lines. In addition, AAICP is also actively engaged in issues related to licensing uniformity and reciprocity reform at the state level. LEARN MORE